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Orlando Rocks LA Design Competition

Four local artists including a musician, designer and two hair and makeup pros, want to share their journey to Los Angeles, California for a 10 day tour beginning with the rock star studded NAMM music industry tradeshow on Jan 16th and ending with their exclusive attendance of a Major Music Awards show and After Party Read the full story →

10 Questions To Ask Before You Join A Fashion Event

There are a lot of people calling themselves “promoters” of fashion shows and events these days looking for the talent they need to put on a successful event. How do you tell the good ones from the not so good? There are many “for profit” organizations charging top dollar in entry fees to use your Read the full story →

6 Accomplishments of Orlando Fashion District in 2018

Orlando Fashion District is well on its way to helping make Orlando a fashion destination and building a Garment District here. Here are some of the highlights, accomplishments, and partnerships we formed in 2018. With the help of Juan Bermudez, Sr Creative Director, we now have a website featuring a fashion event calendar to help Read the full story →

How You Can Use The Scarcity Concept Of Supreme to Build YOUR Brand

Supreme clothing, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, is a NYC Skatewear Brand established in 1994. They’ve had reached legendary, global status, based on the premise of scarcity and got major attention from the Fashion world after collaborating with Louis Vuitton on skateboard trunks, backpacks, bandannas, gloves, T-shirt’s and jackets. Here’s how Read the full story →

3 Things I Learned About Goodwill

As a huge advocate of giving fashion a second wind beyond its original owner, I must say I was thrilled when Orlando’s Woman Of The Year and Goodwill Of Central Florida’s COO, Karla Radke contacted me about putting Goodwill Fashions into Runway Shows of Orlando, FL. What I learned on their “WOW Tour” of the Read the full story →

4 Ways To “Prove The Concept” Of Your Fashion Designs

“Proof of concept” is something people like Daymond John of Shark Tank, talks about and does with every one of his fashion design ideas. It’s a necessary process every designer should go through before spending any money on a full production run of their designs. Why?  Unless you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars and Read the full story →

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