How You Can Use The Scarcity Concept Of Supreme to Build YOUR Brand

Supreme Logo

Supreme Logo

Supreme clothing, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, is a NYC Skatewear Brand established in 1994.

They’ve had reached legendary, global status, based on the premise of scarcity and got major attention from the Fashion world after collaborating with Louis Vuitton on skateboard trunks, backpacks, bandannas, gloves, T-shirt’s and jackets.

Here’s how it works: The brand launches an online look book of the apparel in their collection twice a year and then gradually releases their designs which drop every Thursday in very limited quantities at affordable prices, online and in stores.

Their designers, collaborators and models are typically known in the skater world.

What happens next is where the cult level following of the after market value comes in.

Many buyers of the brand “flip” the designs on auction sites like eBay. This is where a $99 T shirt ends up selling for $1000 because there were only a limited number made.

The streetwear brand is being worn by celebrities around the world and paired with clothing from the top design houses of Europe. If you want a conversation starter, wear anything from Supreme and share the story of how you scored such a rare piece of modern pop culture.

Why would I want to apply this strategy to my brand?

Scarcity is psychological trigger that gets people to “buy it now”, because of the urgency created by lack with a limited edition or legitimate short term offer.

If people love your design, but know it will always be available to them, then there’s no urgent reason to buy it now.

Using Supreme’s biannual strategy, even if you didn’t have 25 unique designs, you could make your online look book and use that to build the anticipation of your weekly drops, take pre orders or even start a subscription club based on what’s coming, to keep your revenue flowing and your customers waiting on the edge of their seats.

This is an amazing strategy to use even if you only have a few fashion designs you’ve become successful at selling. By creating a following and capitalizing on what’s working for your brand, you can create an endless amount of options in fabrics, notions or by switching up other details to create the limited runs.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Leaving the listing as sold out on your site (as they do on Supreme’s site) is like saying “see what you missed… you should buy NOW or they will be gone like these were!!”

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