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“IRON SHARPENS IRON” Models & Photographers Creative Workshop

December 1, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

“IRON SHARPENS IRON” Models & Photographers Creative Workshop

“IRON SHARPENS IRON” Models & Photographers Creative Workshop

The motto for this event is P.H.P.: PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

-There will be FEATURED models and photographers who have been in the game for years and have valuable experience to share.

-After an Educational Session, a hands on Training Session will follow in the format of a structrued Open Shoot. So MODELS, come READY and BEAT for some photos to be taken of you! PHOTOGRAPHERS, Bring your shooting gear!


Everyone wants to receive the best work, but don’t necessarily have the money to book the best photographers. This is common, but also, you get what you pay for. FREE is definitely not always worth it. With this event, you’ll network with experienced models in your profession who can teach you posing, best business practices, how to protect yourself in the industry, and how to market your skill set to agencies, talent booking, etc.


Are you new to photography? Or have you been around a while, but Manual Mode still scares you? Do you want the chance to beef up your portfolio with some diversity, and have experienced models take the weight of your shoulders as they pose the models for you?

This event will be the epitome of helping each other to succeed. No vultures, no jealousy, no being super cheap and picky. If you can’t put $20 toward educating yourself and honing your craft, then why even do it, right?


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