Squad! Orlando Fashion District has Design House announcements!

Making Orlando a Fashion Destination!

For those of you who’ve been following our nonprofit mission to make Orlando a Fashion Destination with a Garment District, we’ve got some big plans in the works.

In response to COVID-19, now more than ever, Orlando needs a more self sustaining solution to local Garment Design, Productions and Sales.

Our goals are to open a co-op Design, Sourcing and Production House with co-op Sales Opportunities to support locally designed and produced goods to make our community more independently self sufficient.

If you’d like to join our Design House and / or development team, we are looking for movers and shakers who have designs wanting local production with marketing help and sales strategies both online and in a co-op retail space for local designers.

We’re on the leading edge with our newest sponsor Botic Point to launch a Pay Per View platform for Fashion Content including Virtual Runway Shows, Fashion Events, “how it’s made”, “behind the scenes”, tutorials, educational content and more.

Soon, you will be able to create a FREE Botic Point Pay Per View profile where you can post and / or share other posts and start making money on day one.

Join now and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

To join Orlando Fashion District’s Design House apply here: https://form.jotform.com/OrlandoFashionDistrictInc/orlando-fashion-district-design-hou

To be featured in paid posts apply here: https://form.jotform.com/OrlandoFashionDistrictInc/ofd-content-feature-application-

To join our Advisory Board, apply here: https://form.jotform.com/OrlandoFashionDistrictInc/ofd-advisory-board-application

Orlando Rocks LA Design Competition

Four local artists including a musician, designer and two hair and makeup pros, want to share their journey to Los Angeles, California for a 10 day tour beginning with the rock star studded NAMM music industry tradeshow on Jan 16th and ending with their exclusive attendance of a Major Music Awards show and After Party on Jan 26, 2020.
Their goal is to represent the Orlando Rock and Fashion scene, while they film their journey as a Rockumentary.

Read their Go Fund Me story here: gf.me/znyn8


Shop their Bidr fundraiser auction here:


Orlando Fashion District is looking for 10 days of rock fashion looks for 4 people from local designers and stylists including 3 high profile red carpet and after party looks from the First Place winning designers.
Second Place Winning Looks will be worn to NAMM. Runner up looks will be worn for several other events, excursions, tours and adventures between the two main events.

Designers / Stylists must submit sketches or existing design photos to dress:
1. Ms Meka Nism / Meka Kyoto, vocal shaman of the band Meka Nism, Florida Region Grammy Governor representing the Rock Scene @msmekanism @mekanismband
2. Gina Vincenza Van Epps, President of Orlando Fashion District @PsychoSeamstress @OrlandoFashionDistrict
3. Nikki Scandalous, Hair and Makeup Artist @nikkiscandalous
4. Landon Bourland, Special FX Makeup Artist @landofakesstudiosllc
(get a sneak peak at them and their style and approximate size on their social media links on Instagram or Facebook)

Designs will be reviewed and winners will be announced at Orlando Fashion District’s “The Mix” Event on December 17, 2019.


Final clothing designs for Orlando Rocks LA must be ready by January 10, 2020.

In addition to the opportunity to have your designs worn on to Major Music Events in LA and related parties, you’ll be featured in our Orlando Rocks LA Rockumentary and shown off at our THE MIX event in February 2020!


To have your designs considered for this competition please enter your design sketches or existing garment images here:

Orlando Rocks LA Design Competition

Two formal designs will be chosen on 12/17 for Meka and Gina to wear the next evening in Miami at the Grammy Holiday Party for the Florida Region Governors on December 18, 2019.

Orlando Fashion District is a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to make Orlando a Fashion Destination with a Garment District.

10 Questions To Ask Before You Join A Fashion Event

There are a lot of people calling themselves “promoters” of fashion shows and events these days looking for the talent they need to put on a successful event. How do you tell the good ones from the not so good?


There are many “for profit” organizations charging top dollar in entry fees to use your fashion designs, who don’t even provide you with a garment rack or any promotional posts before, during or after their show. That’s not giving a designer much value for their dollar, not to mention time and talent.

Some companies call themselves “entertainment management” and hold casting calls with fees to choose a handful of models, but because they aren’t a licensed agency…. they can’t legally represent or book you for anything other than their own events. See this link to know what’s required by your state. http://www.agentassociation.com/index.php?src=directory&view=agencyLicensing&srctype=detail&back=agencyLicensing&refno=38

Some events recruit volunteers to do hair and makeup under the guise of “exposure and experience” while offering very little exposing, in return for your hard work.

There’s a fine line between needing you to work for free so they can make money and giving you an opportunity that’s actually worth it.

Here are 10 questions to ask in order to help you sort out their intentions and what’s in your own best interest.

  1. Is this a person or organization trying to make a quick buck or do they have an actual production or event company? If in doubt, ask for more details on their credentials, check sunbiz.org in Florida, other state agency for the company they say they represent to verify they actually exist. 
  2. Have they actually booked the venue where this event is slated to take place? In the last year I’ve know 3 people who spent thousands of dollars in entry fees, designing and sewing clothes, travel expenses and one even traveled from the USA to France to show at a venue that was being promoted, but was never actually booked for the event. Verify these details before you agree to participate or spend large amounts of money for being featured in a fashion event. 
  3. Is this their first fashion event? If so make sure they’ve got everything organized and can answer the rest of these questions. If not, find out how their other events went. Check their social media and ask past participants how things went for them.
  4. Is this a “For Profit” or Nonprofit event? Nonprofit organizations have to show you where the money goes. For profit organizations don’t. If it’s a nonprofit, charity or fundraiser, volunteering your time is no big deal, but if you’re working for free so they can make money, what’s in it for you?
  5. How many meetings or rehearsals will you be required to attend before the event?  How much of your time will this take?
  6. Will they be feeding you? (Providing basic food and beverages to quarantined talent, who can’t leave the venue or won’t have access to any other food or beverages without inconvenience or expense, is the least they can do in exchange for your free time and talent)
  7. Will you have free access to the “exposure and experience” photos and/or videos or will that be an additional expense? If they want you to work for free or are charging you to enter their event, they should be providing you with a basic package of photos documenting your participation in exchange for the fees you paid or to compensate you for not being paid
  8. How exactly will they promoting you before, during or after the event? “Experience and Exposure HOW?” Will they be posting photos of you on their social media or will there be a web page of the event? How many followers do they have? 10,000 followers is an influencer level. If they are not there yet or you have more followers than they do, maybe you should be the one getting paid and promoting that you are in their show? These things can be negotiated.
  9. Who are they selling tickets to? Is this strictly an entertainment event or will there be any actual buyers, bloggers, news media or anyone else in the audience who could be beneficial to you? Fashion as Entertainment doesn’t usually have much to offer in return to anyone other than the promoter.
  10. Will you have access to the list of attendees, models, hair, makeup, photographers involved so you can follow up and network with them? 

Asking basic questions before you commit to participating in any fashion event and verifying information before you volunteer your time or pay to participate is the best way to sort out what’s worth your time from who wants you to work for free, so they can make money.

Most Fashion Events have sponsors, sell vendor booth space and event tickets so they can make a profit and cover expenses. Fashion Events need talent to make the event happen. In most industries the talent gets paid because you’re the main attraction. Giving you something in return for your fees and /or skills participation should include promotion, logos, advertising, being properly introduced, photo and video documentation along with a comfortable, organized, enjoyable, experience that has the potential of making you some money selling your designs or getting booked for paying work in the future.