And The Winners Are…

Orlando Fashion District is making Orlando Fashion History with our first Orlando Fashion Battle Event, filmed and live streamed from KDS One Studios on January 16, 2019.

Don B checks the set while contestants get ready to rumble.

The concept is to recognize and reward Orlando’s Top Fashion and Costume Designers, Models, Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists in a fun and uplifting way that leaves everyone feeling appreciated.

Orlando Fashion District gave away over $5,000 in gift cards and prizes to the winners through entry fees, ticket sales and sponsor donations including project development services for the winning designers, pro photo shoots for the winning models and more.

Orlando Fashion Battle Creator and Orlando Fashion District Founder Gina Vincenza, coordinates last minute details.
Top Female Designer Londa Msanii with her Fashion Battle Team

Each “Fashion Battle League” team consists of a Designer, 5 Models, a Hairstylist and a Makeup Artist who have exactly 2 hours to get ready to rumble.

In the meantime several photographers, videographers, talk show hosts and film makers lit up the behind the scenes action. Veronica Banchs from Bagles and Shade, Dawn Of The Underground, Dre Ben Frank and Ernie Mosteller from Fried Okra Entertainment all conducted interviews and shot footage which will be used to tell the Fashion Stories of our contestants, raising the bar on what “experience and exposure” should really mean.

Ernie Mosteller Of Fried Okra Entertainment interviewing CJ Golden of Star Boy Swimwear

Here are Veronica, Dawn and Dre Ben Franks audio antics including an interview with Richard Krent, Orlando Fashion District’s VP, Fashion Designer and Project Archictect: Orlando Fashion Battle Live Backstage Interviews

Christian Mosi did some pre show interviews with two of the Teen contestants, 17 year old downs syndrome model Saris Marie Garcia and 18 year old Fashion Battle Winner Trinity Acevedo who called her shot and won.

This event is being filmed by a team of professionals from Focused In Entertainment led by Acie Blaze with the intention of selling it to network television or trending content providers like Amazon Prime or Netflix. The event can be seen live at KDS One Studios in our studio audience (check our calendar for dates) live streamed on Instagram and Facebook and soon episodes will be hosted here on Orlando Fashion District’s website.

Gina Vincenza, President of Orlando Fashion District announcing the winners.

And now, the winners of Orlando Fashion Battle’s Inaugural Event and first winners in the Fashion Battle League.

Top Female Design by Londa Msanii

Modeled by Caroline Sanchez, Hair by Renee Lemelin, Makeup by Londyn Herwick, Photo by Dameir Aarons

Top Male Design – Zheni Espana of Zheni’s Costumes

Modeled by Mario Espana, Hair by Renee Lemelin, Makeup by Londyn Herwick, Photo by Jay Guile’s

Top Female Model – Trinity Acevedo in her award winning pose.

Designer is Gabrielle Alecia Of Acid Cupcakes, Hair by Ruth Celestin of Reining Diamonds, Makeup by Londyn Herwick, Photo by Adrian J Will Photo

Top Male Model – Warrington Etienne

Designer is Londa Msanii, Hair by Lisa Jackson, Makeup by Whitney, Photo by Josh Soto Of Joker Visions

Top Female Hairstyle by Lisa Jackson

Designer is Zheni’s Costumes, Makeup by Whitney, Photo by Roman Imagery

Top Male Hairstyle by Jessie Willis

Model is Anree Benitez, Designer is CJ Golden, Makeup by

Top Male Makeup by Londyn Herwick

Model is Mario Espana, Designer is Zheni’s Costumes, Hair by Renee Lemelin, Photo by Adrian J Will

Top Female Makeup by Au’Sani Wilks

Model is Brittany Moye, Designer is Zheni’s Costumes, Hair by Lisa Jackson, Photo by Josh Soto Of Joker Visions

Top Photo by Josh Soto of Joker Visions

Model is Cassidy Rosado, Designer is Jaylani’s Boutique, Hair by Ruth Celestin of Reining Diamonds, Makeup by Londyn Herwick (click arrow to see interactive photo)

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Original EDM Fashion Battle Soundtrack by DJ Marvin Zurrenda Of Grinnd Music Group

$500 in cash prizes were awarded to the Fashion Battle Winners including donations from Krent Studio Collection

Thanks to our Judges

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Orlando Fashion Battle Logo

If you’re looking for real exposure with rewards and recognition, join Orlando’s rising Designers, Models, Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists as they compete for the best in show awards and titles for Top Designer, Top Model, Best Hairstyle, Best Makeup and Best Photos.

Mario Espana In Zheni Costumes Winning Best Male Design

Our Fashion Battle event is being professionally filmed at KDS One Studios on their 6000 sf soundstage and is being developed for television. This event is live streamed to Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Don B setting the stage

We have multiple photographers, videographers, show hosts, bloggers and media pros booked to cover each Fashion Battle with the talent as the star.

Trinity Acevedo, FB1’s Top Female Model

We use social media profiles and virtual casting calls to match designers with models, hair and makeup pros to build each team or you can enter our Fashion Battle as a team.

Jaylani’s Boutique Kids!

Prior to each battle we have a meet and greet event, see our calendar for more details on the next event!

Top Designer Londa Msanii modeled by Caroline Sanchez

We use product and gift card donations, entry fees, ticket sales, vendor spaces and sponsors to fund prizes for our winners and help us cover expenses we couldn’t get donated. If you’d like to make a donation or become a sponsor use the registration form below. We can negotiate on VIP tickets, product placement, gift bag items, shirt, laminate and banner logos, on camera signage, host mentions, vendor tables and more.

Top Hair Style by Lisa J Modeled by Brittany Moye wearing Zheni’s Costumes

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